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02 July 2021

Sports commentator Dmitry Guberniyev shares his impressions of UEFA EURO 2020

Sports commentator Dmitry Guberniyev shares his impressions of UEFA EURO 2020

On World Sports Journalists Day, a news conference involving Dmitry Guberniyev was held at the Host City Media Center in St. Petersburg. The sports commentator shared his impressions of the matches that have already been played as part of the UEFA EURO 2020. He also outlined his expectations for the final.

He said that he was rather disappointed with the performance of one of the main contenders for victory in the tournament namely the French national team. In his opinion, the best footballers of this team had failed to show their finest qualities at the most important moment, so the team was defeated in the round of 16.

"At a time when the whole world is looking at you, a good athlete must prove that he is really good. If an athlete claims the title of a great athlete, like Kylian Mbappe, then, naturally, in those very moments when the whole world is looking at you, you have to justify this and play in a great way, which did not work out," Guberniyev said.

According to Guberniyev, at present he is not a fan of any of the EURO 2020 teams after the Russian national team dropped out of the tournament.

"You know, I'm a happy person. I don't care who'll play in the semi-finals and the final. I'll watch any team. To be honest, I absolutely don't care, really. I am, so to speak, above the fight and I enjoy it," said Dmitry.

Speaking about the quarterfinal match between Switzerland and Spain, which will be held in St. Petersburg on July 2, Guberniyev noted that it is difficult to predict the winner. Despite the fact that the Spanish national team is more titled, the Swiss players are quite capable of surprise.

"If the Swiss team wins, I won't mind at all, because it will be a surprise. If the Spanish footballers continue to play the brilliant football that people have seen over the past two matches, then I will be glad too," he said.

Guberniyev also added that for him it was the Swiss national team, along with the Ukrainian national team, that had become the new discovery at EURO 2020: "If they go further in the tournament, I will only be too happy."

Regarding the winner of the championship, the commentator expressed the opinion that each of the remaining eight teams is capable of winning the cup: "Any team that reaches the quarterfinals, from my point of view, and this concerns the Danes as well, can take the title. This applies to the Ukrainian national team, and to all other teams that are not included on the list of the grand teams. In life, as in sports, there is always a place for achievements."

Guberniyev also spoke about the prospects for the Russian national football team. In his opinion, the current generation of Russian footballers have not yet had their last word — this year the team will have matches to qualify for the World Cup in Qatar.

"It won't be easy to qualify, there'll be a match with Croatia who are strong, but how will we play it? Perhaps, Malta may suddenly bristle and take away our points. We have to try, and fight. I sincerely hope that we will still make it to the World Cup in Qatar," Guberniyev said.

News conference on World Sports Journalists Day
News conference on World Sports Journalists Day
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