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15 April 2021

Host City Media Center in St. Petersburg

Host City Media Center in St. Petersburg


House of Journalists, 70 Nevsky Prospekt, St. Petersburg.
Nearest metro stations: Mayakovskaya, Ploshchad Vosstaniya, Gostiny Dvor and Nevsky Prospekt.

Host City Media Center will operate: June 10 — July 12, 2021.

On June 10, the media center will only issue accreditation badges.


Weekdays: 10 a.m. until the end of game broadcasts;

Weekends: according to the broadcasting schedule.

The Host City Media Center capacity is limited due to Rospotrebnadzor's requirements. Representatives of television channels and photo agencies will have priority access.

All the Host City Media Center events will be streamed at Due to the epidemiological situation, we recommend choosing online participation.

You will receive a login and password to access your personal account in your accreditation confirmation letter. Log in to your personal account to connect to live streams or ask questions to the speakers using the special form. Transcripts, photo and video content will be also available through your personal account.

The Host City Media Center offers the following services:

— information desk on the ground floor
— information desk of the St. Petersburg City Tourism and Information Office on the 3rd floor
— working zone with cable internet connection and 30 workspaces, 10 of which have computers
— simultaneous interpreting of media events (Russian/English),
— free high-speed Wi-Fi
— USB printing
— live match streaming
— buffet service
— first aid
— cloakroom
— storage lockers
— guided tours (advance registration is required).

All journalists accredited at the Host City Media Center will also have access to the following services:

— streaming of media events in Russian and English through their personal account on
— online participation in media events with an option to ask questions through their personal account on
— event transcripts to download through their personal account on
— email newsletters with upcoming events of the Host City Media Center
— SMS alerts about any last-minute changes and information about the Host City Media Center.

The media center will comply with the sanitary requirements of the Federal Service for the Oversight of Consumer Protection and Welfare (Rospotrebnadzor). A limited number of journalists will be allowed into media zones for media events due to the COVID-19 restrictions.

Rules of the Host City Media Center:

1. Only persons who have been accredited on the website and have received an accreditation badge are allowed to work at the Host City Media Center and participate in media events. Please note that to retrieve your badge, you must present a paper copy of a negative PCR test for the novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19) taken within 48 hours of your visit to the Host City Media Center.

2. Journalists with UEFA accreditation for EURO 2020 are also allowed into the Host City Media Center. On your first visit to the media center, you will also be asked to present a paper copy of a negative COVID-19 PCR test taken within 48 hours of your visit.

3. Prior to entering the Host City Media Center, all visitors must undergo a temperature check with a non-contact thermometer and a visual screening. Visitors with a body temperature above 37 degrees and (or) with visual signs of respiratory illnesses (cough, runny nose, weakness) are not allowed to enter the Host City Media Center. Such visitors are advised to seek medical attention for diagnosis and medical care with safety precautions.

4. When at the Host City Media Center, visitors must wear respirators or disposable masks covering their mouth and nose and observe social distancing of 1.5 meters, except in situations involving direct work interaction. It is recommended to change masks regularly, once every two to three hours. The amount of disposable masks and gloves needed for a work day at the Host City Media Center is provided free of charge.

5. Employees of the Host City Media Center monitor compliance with the public hygiene and social distancing rules. People violating the personal and public hygiene rules will not be allowed into the Host City Media Center.

6. Meals at the Host City Media Center can only be eaten in specially designated rooms, in the buffet format. Eating at work places is prohibited.

7. Smoking is prohibited at the Host City Media Center.

8. The following are prohibited in the press center: explosives, weapons, stabbing and cutting objects, flammable and coloring substances, narcotic and psychotropic substances, alcohol, and extremist, offensive or discriminatory materials.    

You can also email for more information.

Host City Media Center in St. Petersburg
Host City Media Center in St. Petersburg
The Alexander Column (1834) on Palace Square
St. Petersburg
Saint Petersburg
St. Petersburg
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