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24 June 2021

Free visits for journalists to Russia: My History multimedia center

Free visits for journalists to Russia: My History multimedia center

During the 2020 UEFA European Football Championship, media representatives can enjoy free entry to the Russia: My History multimedia center. All they need to do is present their Host City Media Center badges at the ticket office, and they will get free tickets to one or all the exhibitions on Russian history.

The 15,000 sq m area uses cutting-edge technology and interactive multimedia equipment for a completely immersive experience that takes visitors to historical events, including famous battles and military engagements, and to meet prominent figures who helped shape history.

All the information is presented in a convenient interactive format for quick and easy learning. This makes the center a fascinating stop for both connoisseurs of Russian history and beginners.

Visitors will most likely find it hard to decide which exhibit to visit first, depending on what historical era they are interested in and what they would like to learn. The current exhibitions are Rurikid and Romanov Dynasties, The 20th Century, and the History of St. Petersburg.

Apart from 900 pieces of multimedia equipment, the exhibition boasts various installations showing the Neva River centuries ago. Visitors can ride sleds hurtling down Senatskaya Square, stand in a typical well-shaped St. Petersburg courtyard or next to a revolutionary sailor by the famous armored car from which Vladimir Lenin spoke in 1917.

The management of the Russia: My History exhibition center would like to thank the Host City Media Center for the partnership and invites journalists to attend guided tours.

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