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17 June 2021

Pokras Lampas and UEFA EURO 2020 Organizing Committee give St. Petersburg Unity Square

Pokras Lampas and UEFA EURO 2020 Organizing Committee give St. Petersburg Unity Square

The collab between Russian calligraphy artist Pokras Lampas and the UEFA EURO 2020 Organizing Committee continued before team Russia's second match at home to produce a large-size temporary art project, Unity Square, around the fountain in Maritime Victory Park near the Saint Petersburg Stadium.

In a new step in externalizing the Unity concept Pokras Lampas developed for St. Petersburg before the UEFA EURO 2020 matches, the artist covered the surface around the fountain in the Maritime Victory Park in St. Petersburg with calligraphy decor. A string of translations of the word unity into the languages of all countries participating in the EURO circles around the fountain in a ring-shaped piece covering an area of 1,650 square meters.

The project, Unity Square, was a large-scale dynamic performance before the Russia vs. Finland match; the artist used the colors of the Russian flag. All fans walking to the stadium from the Krestovsky Ostrov metro station will be passing Pokras's calligraphy.

The Unity Square art project further expanded the idea of the unifying power of football, which Pokras Lampas and the UEFA EURO 2020 Local Organizing Committee in St. Petersburg decided to emphasize as part of their collaboration. Earlier, a pop-up gallery opened in St. Peterburg with the Unity: Culture exhibition. The artist created new pieces and changed the display transforming it into the second part of the project, Unity: The Human Being, with visitors watching.

The artist used the following words for his project: Birlik (Turkish), Unidade (Portuguese), Eenheid (Flemish, Belgium), Jednota (Czech), Unità (Italian), Єдність (Ukrainian), Unidad (Spanish), Unité (French), Enhed (Danish), Einheit (German), Enhet (Swedish), Единство (Macedonian), Ykseys (Finnish), Unity (English), Jedność (Polish), Undod (Welsh, Wales), Единство (Russian), Jedinstvo (Croatian), Jednota (Slovak), Einheit (German, Switzerland), Eenheid (Dutch), Aonachd (Gaelic, Scotland), Egyseg (Hungarian), Einheit (German, Austria).


UEFA EURO 2020 is being held from June 11 to July 11 in 11 cities. St. Petersburg is the venue of seven matches, including six group stage games and the quarterfinals.
Pokras Lampas is a contemporary calligraphy artist who uses characters from various alphabets to cover surfaces with words in his signature style.

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