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04 May 2021

Host City Media Center to open in historic mansion

Host City Media Center to open in historic mansion

The Host City Media Center will operate from June 10 through July 12, 2021 at the Journalist House at 70 Nevsky Prospekt.

The 2,880-square-meter brick building by the Anichkov Bridge is a federal cultural heritage site of Russia. Initially merchant Anton Shemyakin's two-story stone building stood at the site. The house was later purchased and remodeled by General of Artillery Ivan Sukhozanet. The mansion in the late classicism style was erected by architect Domenico Quadri in 1830.

The rooms were decorated with figurative plafonds and moldings — friezes with molded wreaths, helmets, shields and flower garlands. The lobby, clad in white marezzo marble, leads to the main rooms on the second and third floors, among which the former dancing hall and the Beige and Green drawing rooms stand out. Antonio Vighi, a prominent interior decorator, might have taken part in creating the bright plafonds.

At various times, the building was owned by the St. Petersburg Merchant Society and the Commercial and Industrial Union, whereas after the revolution, in the 1930s, the Spetsmashproyekt institute for special engineering moved into Sukhozanet's mansion.

In 1972, the building at 70 Nevsky Prospekt became the Journalist House. Today, the historic interiors of the house host the offices of the Journalists Union of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region, the joint editorial offices of the district newspapers Districts: Blocks, as well as those of the St. Petersburg Journalist League and the North-West Media Association.

The major restoration of 2012-2016 completely preserved the existing interior and the architectural decisions. Large-scale restoration efforts were conducted for the first time in the history of the building with the use of rare technologies, which made it possible to recreate Sukhozanet's mansion in all its glory. It now contains a restored and equipped concert hall seating 120 persons, exhibition halls, and the Beige and Green drawing rooms with painted tent-shaped ceilings.

Details about the history of the Journalist House are available at During the UEFA EURO 2020, the mansion will offer guided tours.

For information about the operation of the Host City Media Center, please send an inquiry to During the football tournament, you can visit the information desk on the first floor of the Journalist House.


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